Vietranstimex tested the most Modern Blade adapter in Vietnam


On July 23rd, at Huong Hoa, Quang Tri province, Vietranstimex conducted a trial run of the Blade Adapter to obtain a permit for wind turbine blade transport. Previously, these blade adapters were tested successfully at Hon La yard, Quang Binh province.

The blade adapters are mounted on 10-axle hydraulic trailers (with lifting capacity up to 340 tons), they are possible to transport wind turbine blade over 80m in length weighing up to 30 tons with a payload moment of up to 600 metre tonnes. This is a type of specialized equipment used for difficult terrain such as mountainous areas with many bends and obstacles like electric lines.

In addition, this is also the most modern Adapter in Vietnam today with the following features: quick-release plate, easily and safely pick up and carry wind turbine blades; the wind blade can be set to an angle of 60 degrees or rotated endlessly around its own axis and especially around the trailer that the others which are available on the Vietnamese market cannot do.

This special feature helps to save much the land clearance and construction costs for investors, is the best solution for the most difficult transportation projects.

With this outstanding advantage, it can be affirmed that Vietranstimex is currently one of the best experts in providing transportation and installation services in the wind power market in Vietnam and the region.

Source: Vietnam Energy



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